Monday, July 13, 2009

Watermelon Dress

So I had this great idea one night a little while ago while I was trying to go to sleep. I pictured this way-too-cute a-line dress that looked just like a slice of watermelon. I knew I had to make it. I was heading to visit a good friend of mine on the other side of the state and she also has a daughter who is just a few months younger than Madelyn AND she's a big crafter too, so I told her about my dress idea. She loved it! We decided to go to the mall and we went into a children's clothing store and then I saw it. The dress. MY dress. I was so bummed! But I knew I could make it for a lot less money than what they were charging. Plus, I'd be able to make it how I wanted. :o)
So, here's what I ended up with. I didn't use a pattern. Nope. This one is all from my noggin. It's fully lined and it snaps up the entire back.
At first, Madelyn didn't know what to think.
But then, she liked it! I had to fight to get it off of her! I'm so glad she likes it!

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Marli Oliver said...

This dress turned out so cute! Maggie wore hers to the National Baby Food Festival with her watermelon barrettes, of course. :) I wish we lived closer so we could have crafting days!!!