Tuesday, January 27, 2009

happy (but cold) at home

My hubby and I survived our first vacation with little Madelyn. We drove to Florida (yes, that's right...DROVE) from Michigan with a 6 month old. Yep. We're that crazy. It took us two days to get to Orlando. We didn't have that many stops the first day. The second day was another story. Madelyn was getting tired of being in the car seat (but who can blame her??). We had to stop a few times more but overall, Madelyn was SO good! Ken and I are really lucky to have her as a daughter. Of course, we knew this way before vacation, but spending 9 days with just the three of us really hit home to me. We are a family. I love both of them so overwhelmingly much that it takes my breath away.

While it was cold (by Florida standards...it was in the fifties most of the time we were there), we still had a great time. We went to Seaworld and Madelyn LOVED Shamu. :o) We went to Longboat Key to visit Ken's parents. Madelyn had a good time sitting with Grandpa on the beach and getting her toes wet in the Gulf. I wouldn't have traded this time with them for the world.

Of course, driving to Florida gave me lots of time for knitting. I haven't had time to take pictures of what I made yet...mainly because of the laundry that is begging to be done. I'll be sure to get the pics of it up soon though.

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